LODI RULES Sustainable Winegrowing Program

our definition of sustainability

"In agriculture, sustainability means farming in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible while also being economically viable."


Kids Explain Sustainability


We asked our farmers what sustainability means to them. Here is what they told us:


“A sustainable agriculture does not deplete soils or people.”

Wendell Berry

“Sustainability means leaving everything – people, places, etc – as good or better than how we found it.”

Kevin Phillips
Michael David Winery
Lodi, CA

“To me sustainability means eternal viability of our farming operation.  I farm sustainably to preserve our natural resources for the enjoyment of generations to come.”

Lee Caton
Nestor Enterprises
Lodi, CA

“What sustainability means to me is to strive to be better than previous generations whether that is being a better farmer, a better boss or a better friend to the environment…and it’s giving the next generation a chance to do the same thing.”

Warren Bogle
Bogle Vineyards
Clarksburg, CA

“May we farm in a way that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future farmers to cultivate their own livelihoods.”

LODI RULES program motto

“Sustainability means being a good steward of our greatest resource, our farming operation, which includes the land, the people and the surrounding community.”

Madelyn Kolber
KG Vineyard Management

“Sustainability is a grower doing everything he can to protect and preserve his land and community for future generations.”

Michael Klouda
Michael Klouda Wines

“I believe sustainable winegrowing makes best use of on-site vineyard resources, optimizes the efficiency of applied resources, and minimizes the off-site effects of vineyard operations.”

Stan Grant
Progressive Viticulture