LODI RULES Sustainable Winegrowing Program

For Wine Lovers

Where can we buy wines with the LODI RULES certified green seal?

Check out THIS LIST of wineries carrying LODI RULES wines for sale or visit the Lodi Wine Visitor Center’s online wine store HERE.  Does your local wine shop carry LODI RULES wines?  Help us out by letting us know!  Email stephanie@lodiwine.com with the name of the store and the city/state or country.

What types of wines carry the LODI RULES seal?

There are LODI RULES wines made from over 50 different grape varieties, so whether your passion is red, white, or rosé, you can find a delicious LODI RULES wine to match your style.  Need a recommendation?  Call the friendly staff of the Lodi Wine Visitor Center at 209-365-0621.

I am a home winemaker.  How can I purchase LODI RULES sustainable grapes or must?

Hats off to you for caring about how your grapes are farmed!  You have several options, no matter where you live in North America.  If you are able to travel on short notice and only need a small amount of grapes, we can certainly match you up with a farmer during harvest and you can pick your own grapes!  If you are unable to travel and/or want a larger amount of grapes, we are happy to put you in touch with a packing company who can ship sustainable grapes to you.  There are other options available for getting unfermented grape must shipped as well.

Where is Lodi, California?

Lodi is about two hours east of San Francisco and 45 minutes south of Sacramento, in the San Joaquin Valley.  Thinking about a visit?  Check out lodiwine.com for more information.  Lodi is the proud winner of the 2015 Wine Enthusiast WINE REGION OF THE YEAR Award.  The LODI RULES program originated in and is headquartered in Lodi but has expanded world-wide.

What are the RULES?

The “RULES” are a set of over 150 farming standard practices which help farmers manage their vineyards sustainably.  The "RULES" are divided into six categories:  ecosystem management, water management, soil management, pest management, business management, and human resources.  For a full list of these practices, click HERE.

How is certified sustainable different from certified organic?

Certified organic farming follows a set of practices related to the environment.  Certified sustainable farming includes practices related to the environment, the people, and the business.

How can we tour a LODI RULES vineyard and meet a LODI RULES farmer?

For those interested in digging deeper into sustainable winegrowing, we offer LODI RULES vineyard tours and wine tastings.  Contact stephanie@lodiwine.com for more information or to schedule a visit.

How can I engage with LODI RULES on social media?

Check out #lodirules and follow these awesome instagrammers: @langetwins, @boglevineyards, @cottafamilyfarms, @mohrfryranches, @michaeldavidwinery, @bokischvineyards, @acquiescewinery, @oakfarmvineyards, @peltierwinery, @scholiumwines, @purplecorduroy, @victor_vineyards, @pinotpix, @kgvm_llc, @st.amant_wine, @jandmfarmslodi_, @mcmanisfamilyvineyards, @klinkerbrick, @pressleyvineyards, @dineen_vineyards, @harneylanewinery, @berryhillfamilyvineyards, and @lodiwine.

I heard there was a LODI RULES ambassador program.  How do I join?

The LODI RULES ambassador program – similar to musician fan clubs – is just beginning as a way to spread the word about sustainable winegrowing.  You may have already spotted LODI RULES seals on wine lover vehicles across America!  Sign up by emailing stephanie@lodiwine.com and we’ll keep you in the loop.

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