LODI RULES Sustainable Winegrowing Program

For the Vintner

I have a winery. How can I be part of LODI RULES?

New wines are added to the LODI RULES list all year long.  To make a wine that legally bears the LODI RULES, CALIFORNIA RULES, or CERTIFIED GREEN seal, the first step is to source certified grapes (see list of farmers HERE).  Once a wine contains at least 85% certified grapes, it can bear the appropriate seal on the label as long as a License Agreement is filed with the Lodi Winegrape Commission.  For more information, contact stephanie@lodiwine.com.

I make wines with LODI RULES certified grapes.  How can I promote sustainability?

If you aren’t already using the LODI RULES or CALIFORNIA RULES seal on your wine label, that is the first step.  Your wine must contain at least 85% LODI RULES grapes to use the seal.  You can also talk about sustainability on your website, be added to our online list of wineries using the seal on bottles, train your tasting room staff on the program, and use LODI RULES promotional materials during wine tastings.  Visit lodigrowers.com/wineryresources/ for more information.

How can I encourage the growers whom I buy grapes from to participate in LODI RULES?

Great question!  We’ve seen many growers join the program because their winery asks them to and pays a bonus (usually $25-50/ton) for LODI RULES certified sustainable grapes.  Promoting sustainable winegrowing by offering a bonus does wonders for the environment and the people, and it is something that you and your consumers can be very proud of.  In fact, many wineries find the program to be an extremely useful tool for enhancing quality and consistency.  For more information on the program, contact Dr. Stephanie Bolton at stephanie@lodiwine.com or 209-367-4727.  She can send you LODI RULES binders for your growers with all of the information they need and may also be able to visit and give a presentation to you and your growers.

I am a home winemaker.  How can I purchase LODI RULES sustainable grapes or must?

Hats off to you for caring about how your grapes are farmed!  You have several options, no matter where you live in North America.  If you are able to travel on short notice and only need a small amount of grapes, we can certainly match you up with a farmer during harvest and you can pick your own grapes!  If you are unable to travel and/or want a larger amount of grapes, we are happy to put you in touch with a packing company who can ship sustainable grapes to you.  There are other options available for getting unfermented grape must shipped as well.

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